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Honoring Legacies

When Someone Passes Away Suddenly and Unexpectedly

There are many issues that families are forced to navigate when a loved one passes away suddenly. Lacking the ability to prepare for such a painful life event can leave you feeling disoriented and alone. At Rose Hill Memorial Park in Tampa, Florida, we’ll guide you throughout this trying time.

We believe that you deserve to have confidence that you are making the best possible decision, regardless of the circumstances that brought you to our doors. You will have our compassion and support every step of the way.

Immediate Burial Needs

If a traditional ground burial is what your loved one wanted, Rose Hill Memorial Park offers a variety of options to meet that need. From choosing between different locations on our grounds, to considering the different options on what goes in the ground, there is a lot to factor in when laying someone to rest.

Double depth, companion and family estate plots are also available to pick from. You will meet with a dedicated counselor who can help you evaluate the possibilities.

Immediate Cremation Burial Needs

At Rose Hill, we understand that every life deserves to be remembered in its own special way. What remains of your loved one’s body after their passing can now have the same dignity of a meaningful resting place, whether they chose to be cremated or opted for a ground burial.

Our property is developing beautiful features including scatter gardens, niches, and ossuaries to suit the needs of those that prefer cremation. Our counselors will take pride in exploring these options with you to determine what would best honor the departed.

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